Top Taco Trails to Experience for Taco-Loving Travelers

Explore the ultimate taco trails in the U.S.! From SoCal’s fusion flavors to Texas’ Tex-Mex delights, our quick list uncovers some of the best spots for taco-loving travelers. Plan your tasty adventure with insights on local favorites, festivals, and scenic taco stops.

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Houston: A Culinary Journey

Explore our expert guide to the top 10 Mexican restaurants in Houston. From authentic Tacos Al Pastor to modern Mexican fusion, discover the best places to satisfy your cravings in the heart of Texas.

The Ultimate Guide to the Margarita Mile in Texas: 13 Places To Sip Tequila Herradura Margaritas

The Margarita Mile is a culinary and cultural experience in Dallas, Texas, that celebrates the city's claim to fame as the official home of the frozen margarita.

Taco Trails and Landmark Tales: The Ultimate Dreamy New Year’s Taco Adventure

Embark on a flavorful journey in 2024! Explore iconic landmarks and discover the best taco spots around the globe.
The historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, with its grand architecture against a clear Texas sky.

The Haunted Road Trip: Texas’ Ghostly Trails and Taco Tales

Explore Texas' haunted highways, from the ghostly corridors of San Antonio's Menger Hotel to the eerie tales of Austin's Driskill. Complement each chilling stop with the Lone Star State's finest tacos for a journey that tantalizes both your spine and taste buds.
The historic Queen Mary ship docked in Long Beach with a sunset backdrop.

The Haunted Road Trip: California’s Spooky Spots with Taco Stops

Embark on a thrilling road trip across California’s most haunted spots.
Austin Texas Mexican market square

California & Texas: The Mexican Food Titans of the U.S.

The United States has long held a love affair with Mexican cuisine. From the zesty flavors of a good guacamole to the rich depth of mole sauces, Americans can’t seem to get enough. But two states, in particular, have emerged as the undisputed champions of Mexican dining: California and Texas. Together, they house over 36 […]
sacramento california

Sacramento Sojourns: Sun, Sights, and Sensational Tacos!

The golden sun shines upon the tree-lined streets, as the gentle breeze carries the intoxicating scent of blooming flowers. Sacramento, the capital city of California, isn’t just a hub of political buzz, it’s also a treasure trove of history, culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. From its Gold Rush origins to its vibrant present, Sacramento promises a […]
Dallas At night

Dallas Travel Guide: The Lone Star’s Taco and Tequila Capital!

If you're daydreaming about the perfect taco-topped travel destination, hitch your wagon to this Dallas guide.

Tex-Mex Delights: Exploring Texas’ Finest Queso and Taco Restaurants

When it comes to Tex-Mex delights, Texas is undoubtedly the place to be.
margarita mile

Striding the Margarita Mile: Top 7 Destinations for Margarita Lovers in Texas

The Margarita Mile is about quality, not quantity—so take your time, savor each sip, and always drink responsibly.

Top 5 Taco Restaurants You Must Visit in San Francisco

San Francisco's vibrant food culture includes an impressive array of taco restaurants.
Las Vegas Skyline at Night

Taking a Taco Vacation in Las Vegas: A Fiesta for Your Taste Buds

From traditional street-style tacos to innovative gourmet creations, prepare to indulge in a fiesta of flavors as we explore the top taco spots in Sin City!

Taco Lovers Ultimate Vacation Destinations

For the passionate taco lover, the world is a flavorful playground just waiting to be discovered.
Napa Taco Trail

Tantalizing Tacos: Exploring the Napa Taco Trail

Join us as we embark on a culinary adventure through the Napa Taco Trail.

Taco-topia: California’s Ultimate Taco Trails

Fear not, taco aficionados! We've scoured the state to bring you the ultimate guide to California's Taco Trails.

Taco-cations: The Ultimate U.S. Taco Tour for the Hungry Traveler

From coast to coast, we're taco-hopping our way through the best taco destinations the U.S. has to offer.
Breakfast Tacos

Eight Places To Get Breakfast Tacos in Austin

There are plenty of great options when it comes to breakfast tacos in Austin.
Torchys Margaritas

10 Taco Spots in Houston You Need To Try

From classic Tex-Mex to inventive fusion creations, Houston has a taco spot for everyone.

Take a Self Guided Tour Down Margarita Mile

Margarita Mile is a self-guided tour of some of the best margarita spots in Dallas, Texas.
Santa Ana

Exploring Santa Ana: 15 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants

There is something for everyone in Santa Ana.

The Top 50 Places to Get Tacos in the United States

From coast to coast, these 50 places offer some of the best tacos you'll find in the United States
Mexico City

Taco Travels – Must Visit Places for Taco Lovers According to AI

If you're a taco enthusiast looking to explore new places and try out the best tacos, then you're in luck.

Sunny Beaches and Tacos! Where To Get Tacos in Oahu

The best places to get tacos in Oahu
02 of 10 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans’ food offerings are just as diverse as its cultural influences from Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. With this in mind, it’s fitting that The Big Easy is, well, big on flavor. Savory staples here include po’boys (Sammy's is a local fave), jambalaya (the one at Mother’s is *chef’s kiss*), gumbo (dig in at the aptly named Gumbo Shop), crawfish etouffee (check out Creole House), and muffulettas (grab yours at the Verti Marte, which is open 24/7) — all best paired with live jazz, of course. Be sure to save room for powdered sugar-covered beignets at Cafe Du Monde (yes, there will be a line, but yes, it’s worth it) and wash everything down with NOLA’s most iconic cocktail, the Sazerac, at The Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt Hotel.

The Best Food Cities in the U.S.

From coast to coast, these are the best places to travel for foodies.
El Taco Tako in Odessa.

The Midland-Odessa Taco Trail

West Texas’s reputation as the land of crunchy tacos, kitchen-sink burritos, and bulky combo platters is well-earned.

A Taco Trail Is Coming To Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, is celebrating in a big way with the launch of the Greenville Taco Trail.

Serious Mexican food in London and where to find it

These restaurants tick all boxes, serving a lot of traditional Mexican dishes as well as groundbreaking new cuisine.

The Napa Valley Taco Trail

You haven’t experienced Napa Valley like a local until you’ve dug deep into our taco-obsessed roots.

El Milagro is taking over at this Clanbrassil Street Bar

If you haven't tried the tacos from El Milagro, you need to ASAP.

23 Under-The-Radar Tampa Bay Taco Spots

23 under-the-radar Tampa Bay taco spots you need to try before you die

12 Restaurants To Support This Latinx Heritage Month, And Beyond!

One of the best way to honor Latinx Heritage Month is by supporting Atlanta's Latinx-owned businesses

Five Taco Tuesday Specials to Try

Five Taco Tuesday Specials to Try in Denver

A New York City Newsstand Turned Into An Indian Taco Restaurant

The fast-service restaurant Taco Mahal started because of the owner’s father’s newsstand. And that’s not a misprint.

Jacksonville’s best tacos: El Agave Azul

For the second time, your favorite spot for tacos in the Jacksonville area is El Agave Azu

Where to Find 3 Oak Cliff Taco Spots That Aren’t Listed on Yelp

Dallas is one of the hottest, most thriving Mexican food cities in the United States.

TacoTuesday.com Does Houston, TX

TacoTuesday.com is on a mission to find all the best tacos and Taco Tuesdays

Santa Barbara Taco Trail

Santa Barbara’s history and culture are deeply intertwined with Mexico

Menifee Launches Taco Trail App

If you're a fan of tacos, the City of Menifee has a new initiative that might be for you.

La Mezcaleria’ weekend brunch & Taco Tuesday at Pavilion, The Beach

Illustrious day-to-night venue, La Mezcaleria JBR, is set to ramp up the party vibes with two spectacular weekly events

The Best Breakfast Tacos In Austin

A complete guide to all the best breakfast tacos in Austin, and therefore the world.


As an homage to LA’s Hispanic roots, join us on our Downtown Los Angeles Taco Tour to eat Los Angeles’ most iconic dish: the taco.

Instead of Taco Tuesday, Sweden Celebrates Taco Friday

If you think Swedish cuisine is limited to meatballs and herring, you've never celebrated Fredagsmys

The Taco Tuesday Tour

San Diego boasts some of the best Mexican cuisine in the United States.

The Ultimate Southern California Taco Tour Roadtrip

The Ultimate Southern California Taco Tour Roadtrip - how to plan a delicious itinerary from Los Angeles to San Dieg

America’s Taco Capital Isn’t Where You Think

Quick: Name a U.S. city with an incredible taco scene.

The L.A. Taco 69: The Tacos That Define Los Angeles, Mapped

Eating tacos in Los Angeles has changed considerabl

The 10 Best Places to Eat Tacos in London

From Surrey Quays to London Fields, here’s where to get al pastor, barbacoa, baja fish — and more 

Mexicans in Prague rank the city’s absolute best tacos & more

With a little help from their friends, LasSaboritas have chosen the best Mexican cuisine in the Czech capital

Six of the Best Places to get Tacos in New Mexico

New Mexico is probably best known for Roswell. Supposedly the site of a famous UFO crash where actual alien bodies were found.

Seven of the Best Places to get Tacos in Ohio

Historically, Ohio is known as the “Buckeye State” because of the buckeye trees growing across the different parts of the state.

Seven of the Best Places to get Tacos in Wisconsin

When you think of Wisconsin you most likely think of cheese, we know we do.

A Southern California Taco Tour – A MICHELIN GUIDE

What better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than with some of the country’s finest tacos?

Signature Taco Tour Vallarta

Want to avoid tourist traps and dive deeper into Mexican culture?

Southern California Taco Tour

Enjoy the tastiest tacos SoCal has to offer on this two-day journey from Los Angeles to just north of the border.  let’s go >> 

California Town’s ‘Taco Trail’ A Mexican Food Lover’s Dream

The trail connects more than 30 delicious Mexican restaurants.

Margarita Mile – A Margarita Lovers Dream Vacation

The Best and Most Unique Food Along the Margarita Mile

Seven Taco Restaurants in Texas you need to try

So many things come to mind when you think of food in Texas, tacos is definitely one that makes the short list.

Eight of the Best Places to get Tacos in Alabama

When you think of Alabama, you might think of foods like pecan pie and shrimp with grits, but they have an ever evolving taco scene happening and we've rounded eight places you should visit in our taco travels round up.

Taco Tuesday: 13 of Dubai’s best deals

Tuesdays mean tacos. Tacos are for Tuesday. Tuesday tastes like tacos.

Get to know the 10 local restaurants competing in Louisiana Food

Taco Wars II Shreveport's Taco and Salsa Competition by Henrietta Wildsmith at The Times

Tacos Are Bringing Latino and Muslim Communities Together

The first thing one notices in Rida Hamida is her hot pink hijab, tied in a turban style at the nape of her neck.

The 50 best places to eat tacos in Orange County

For the past six years, my annual compendium of the Best Places to Eat in Orange County

The 50 best places to eat tacos in Orange County

 By BRAD A. JOHNSON | bajohnson@scng.com | Orange County Register  For the past six years, my annual compendium of the Best Places to Eat in Orange County has featured everything from tacos to French haute cuisine. And every year I’ve come away questioning, “Should I have included more tacos?” Well, I finally cracked. Since 2021 […]

Taco Tuesday: 13 of Dubai’s best deals

By Time Out Editors Tuesdays mean tacos. Tacos are for Tuesday. Tuesday tastes like tacos. We all love a good deal. And we all love tacos. At least here at Time Out we do. If like us, you’re on the hunt for the very best Taco Tuesday deals, look no further than this list. You […]

Tacos Are Bringing Latino and Muslim Communities Together

The first thing one notices in Rida Hamida is her hot pink hijab, tied in a turban style at the nape of her neck. She laughs calling it her signature color. “Everyone calls me the pink hijabi of Orange County,” Hamida, founder and executive director of Latino & Muslim Unity says. A reflection of her […]
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