Serious Mexican food in London and where to find it

January 16, 2023

Anyone in the UK, keen to try a new Mexican dish, looking for a Mexican restaurant or perhaps missing their native cuisine is in luck. A quick Google search for Mexican restaurants near me will bring up a huge range of options almost anywhere in the country.
These restaurants tick all boxes, serving a lot of traditional Mexican dishes as well as groundbreaking new cuisine. Without much ado, the following is the list of some of the best Mexican restaurants in the UK:

El Pastór
Breddos Tacos
Santo Remedio
Cravings La Carreta
Tacos Padre

In London, it can be challenging to find authentic Mexican food, yet Mestizo provides it. This establishment is praised for delivering a comfortable experience, as well as good Mexican dishes that are true to tradition and does great honour to the country’s vivid tastes.
The restaurant serves many of the Mexican dishes that are harder to fine in London, such as nopales (grilled cactus leaf with tomato, onion and queso fresco) and pastel de Elote (a special kind of cornbread), as well as classic favourites like enchiladas and tostadas.
Their margaritas are also fantastic, and the steak is perfectly prepared. Additionally, vegans need not worry because they have a menu that covers that too.
Lastly, Mestizo has a reputation for friendly service and large serving sizes.
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