The L.A. Taco 69: The Tacos That Define Los Angeles, Mapped

December 13, 2022


This list is presented by Tecate, the official beer of L.A. TACO

Eating tacos in Los Angeles has changed considerably. Over the last decade, more and more regional style taquerías found an audience. Birria is no longer just a special occasion dish, TJ-style tacos continue to have long lines, the crispy taco had a much-needed resurgence, corn tortillas were revolutionized, and unforgettable flour tortilla tacos are no longer a rarity. While tacos are one of the most democratic and blue-collar foods, they can also be ephemeral and sophisticated—dictated by what’s in season. The taco is a many-faced god.

Depending on what part of L.A. you’re from, the kinds of tacos you’re exposed to are entirely about access and location. But since L.A. is such a transient city, you’re usually only a short drive away from your next amazing taco-eating experience.

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