Top Taco Trails to Experience for Taco-Loving Travelers

April 12, 2024

Embark on a mouth-watering journey across the best taco trails in the U.S., where every bite tells a story and every destination promises a new flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned taco connoisseur or just beginning your culinary adventures, these trails offer something deliciously memorable for everyone.

  1. The SoCal Taco Trail, California
    From the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the sunny shores of San Diego, Southern California boasts some of the most iconic taco spots in the nation. This trail is a paradise for taco lovers, featuring a mix of traditional taco stands and innovative eateries that serve up everything from classic carne asada to Korean BBQ-infused creations. Don’t miss the chance to taste the fusion flavors that make SoCal a true taco heaven. See Interactive Map
  2. The Tex-Mex Circuit, Texas
    Texas is synonymous with Tex-Mex, and its taco trail is a testament to the state’s rich culinary heritage. Austin, Houston, and San Antonio serve up a tasty array of options, from smoky brisket tacos to zesty street tacos. Be sure to visit during one of the many taco festivals to truly immerse yourself in the local taco culture. More details at Texas Monthly
  3. The Southwest Trail, Arizona and New Mexico
    Explore the heart of the Southwest, where the taco incorporates native ingredients like Hatch chiles. This trail offers a blend of rustic roadside stands and upscale dining experiences, each presenting authentic flavors that tell tales of the region’s history and heritage. More details here

As you explore these taco trails, share your journey with fellow taco lovers by using the hashtag #TacoTuesday on social media, and maybe find your next destination in someone else’s post!

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