The Team

Pamela Waitt aka Margarita Whisperer

Founder of and one of the most taco obsessed humans, ever. She is a hopeless optimist that believes in the power of sharing a meal. Preferably, tacos.

On Sunday she brunches and on Tuesday she tacos. Her life policy is be nice, it’s free.

She’s a Gemini and her favorite colors are purple and turquoise.

Her favorite taco is always crispy and extra spicy.

Monet Quick

Monet Quick is the ultimate Boss Babe handling taco business for days. She’s a third generation Southern California native who’s never met a taco she didn’t love.

She’s a Libra and her favorite color is blue.

Her favorite taco is the one right in front of her, preferably paired with a margarita.

Chelton Perry

Video creator for He is known as the Taco Jedi even though he prefers Star Trek, his life advice, Live Long and Taco.

He is always happy and determined to try every taco on the planet.

He’s a Gemini and his favorite colors are blue and green.

He can’t pick a favorite taco because he loves them all.

Kelli Booth

Chief taco person at who is mildly obsessed with filters and no doubt takes herself way too seriously.

She believes a taco-a-day keeps the doctor away. When not doing taco stuff she is likely reading a Steven King book for the 5th time.

She is a Capricorn, and her favorite colors are Peacock and Current.

Her favorite taco is crispy with gobs of chipotle aioli

Greg Happeny aka Happ

He is the local trophy husband who is often seen in a hat and shirt.

He is an excellent storyteller and when he isn’t telling you dad jokes, he’s surfing.

He is a Pisces his favorite color is blue.

His favorite tacos are street tacos with lots of spice.

Toni Ochoa aka IX Toni Podcast Host and Honey if you haven’t heard of ixtoni then you are missing out! He’s the baddest B**** in OC! He enjoys traveling and exploring restaurants... and honey when he throws his next private event, you better be ready to spill the sauce!  His life motto, “Be a friend to others.”

He is a Scorpio and his favorite color is blue.

He loves bougie tacos. The pricier, the better.


Corey Happeny

The most taco-obsessed person around and podcast host. If he isn’t diving in deep into history podcasts you'll find him out on the town, likely with a margarita in hand and taco crumbs in his beard. Don't be fooled by his RBF, he's friendly and not angry like his face looks. 

He is a Scorpio and his favorite color is Caribbean Blue.

He loves all of the tacos, seriously all of them.

Jordan Nelson

Jordan is our friendly neighborhood IT Guy who manages our website and servers. He speaks tech for the average person and excels at problem-solving. When not busy obsessing over Tacos, Tequila, and Salsa Verde, he enjoys fishing and Dungeons & Dragons.

He’s a Sagittarius and his favorite colors are cobalt and baby blue!

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