A Southern California Taco Tour – A MICHELIN GUIDE

December 13, 2022

What better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than with some of the country’s finest tacos? 

While we don’t really need an excuse to eat more tacos, celebrating Latinx culture and cuisine in the name of Hispanic Heritage Month is certainly a good one. And Southern California is home to some of the best—from roadside taquerias just north of the border to more formal restaurants where chefs take creative liberties with the contents of their tacos. Most of these restaurants are small, family-run spots with short and sweet menus. Many are known to excel at one particular kind of taco or have staple signatures and it’s generally best to go along with popular wisdom. But how you eat your taco—standing up, sitting down, in your car or hovering over it—is entirely up to you.

Here are nine picks for tacos across Southern California:   Let’s go >>

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