23 Under-The-Radar Tampa Bay Taco Spots

December 13, 2022

23 under-the-radar Tampa Bay taco spots you need to try before you die

By Alexandria Jones at cltampa.com

When it comes to tacos, Tampa Bay has some very classic, well-known haunts. But there are also smaller spots with some cult followings that deserve a little shine. A few of these these taquerias, food trucks, and cafes are easy to miss, but they’re hawking some of the best tacos in town. From secret gas stations tacos, to lesser-known chains, to up-coming, fusion-fueled twists, you certainly have your work cut out for you.

Ranchero Tacos

4901 N Florida Ave, Tampa, 813-495-2635
Get ready for perfection. While it boasts a smaller menu with most of the usual suspects, simple street tacos are the move here. Tortillas are pressed to order and toasted on the flat top, no double up required. Carnitas are juicy and crispy all in one, with the extra unctuousness that comes with a slow cook in fat. The pineapple adorning the al pastor sees some time on the flat top as well, giving it that extra bit of caramelized sweetness. The chorizo comes with a lovely dose of baking spice that keeps it from being too smokey. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the lengua (beef tongue) is so perfectly tender it melts in your mouth. Don’t sleep on the tamales it offers on weekends!—Daniel Guess 

Mayra’s Tacos at Cinco Soccer

5305 Henry Ave., Tampa
Sheltered in a shack behind a soccer field the Michocán native prides herself on the no-frills menu with an affordable price tag. Four for $10 tacos can be enjoyed with a smooth cerveza from the Cinco clubhouse a few steps away. Don’t skip the torta either. —Ray Roa 

La Taqueria El Nopal

8307 N Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, 813-679-8609
Whether you’re depositing funds at the PNC Bank or getting an oil change at the Jiffy Lube, reward yourself for adulting with a sope, quesadilla, or nopales. 

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