America’s Taco Capital Isn’t Where You Think

December 13, 2022

By Brandon Schultz

Quick: Name a U.S. city with an incredible taco scene. Chances are you landed on somewhere like Los Angeles or San Antonio, famous for raising the humble taco stop to destination-worthy status, but it’s unlikely you thought of Kansas City, Kansas. Unless you live there, in which case this is a no-brainer for you, you probably didn’t realize that KCK is the true taco capital of the United States. Home to more than 50 taco spots, many of them family businesses, the “Heart of America” is a diverse city with no ethnic majority and a population that is more than 25% Latino- or Hispanic-identifying, most of which can be traced to Mexican origin. Unlike other U.S. cities, Kansas City’s Mexican population comes from nearly all of Mexico’s cultural regions, which means KCK doesn’t specialize in carnitas, mole or sopes, but is home to masters of all Mexican dishes. If you can find it in Mexico, there’s a family in Kansas City serving it today. With dozens of taquerias, restaurants and markets to choose from in one small city, it could be overwhelming to tackle this taco wonderland without a little direction, so here’s your quick-start guide on where to begin in Kansas City, Kansas, America’s true taco capital.

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