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Ivan Vasquez has been growing his empire of Oaxacan restaurants with the power of mole and mezcal. And Angelenos have responded to the high quality of the food and cocktails at his Torrance and Palms establishments, leading Vasquez to finally debut his big West Hollywood location in the former Pitfire Pizza/Gesso space with the country’s largest selection of mezcal, upwards of 400 bottles. This Madre started with a takeout-only window in July, but beginning next Monday, diners will be able to have cocktails, dinner, and brunch with on-premise outdoor dining.
Vasquez has kept the great bones of Gesso, with its huge open lighting and minimalist dining room, giving this Madre location perhaps the most impressive space of the trio. Still, there’s a Oaxacan charm to the look, including five traditional wooden masks depicting the devil from Dia de los Muertos dances, outdoor agave plants from an actual mezcal producer (Real Minero in this case), and wood countertops a local LA carpenter who grew up in Mexico City. Finally, the stunning plates in West Hollywood are next level, made by Oaxacan producer La Chicharra Ceramics.
Fans of the restaurant will have classics like mole negro, memelas, and an array of tacos, but the menu overall looks a bit sharper, more edited compared to Torrance and West LA (sadly, the phenomenal mole estofado isn’t available up north). However, Vasquez did retain the space’s old wood-fire oven, which opens up the kitchen to make barbacoa de borrego (lamb barbacoa), and pescado sarandeado — fresh red snapper with hoja santa salsa verde with Oaxacan chiles. This location also has a separate brunch menu with Oaxacan flavors imposed on favorites like a chapulines omelet, pancakes with nanche and fig marmalade, and of course, the weekend favorite of barbacoa de borrego.

Taco Tuesday Details

Don’t miss out, try the El Chapo Y Kate – Tequila Blanco, prickly pear liqueur, agave, cucumber, lime, spicy bitters, spicy salt. We suggest Herradura Tequila.

Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3-6pm
Enchilada de mole negro $5 – Shredded chicken, mole negro, queso fresco, onion and parsley
Quesadilla (V) $5 – Corn tortilla, quesillo, mushroom, chile de agua, epazote, avocado salsa
Gringa $5 – Flour tortilla, cecina, grilled onions, quesillo and salsa
Gringa de Camaron $5 – Corn tortilla, quesillo, onions, jalapeño
Elote (V) $5 – Grilled corn topped with sal de gusano aioli and cotija cheese
Taco de Papa Con Chorizo $5 – Potato, chorizo, lettuce, sour cream, queso fresco
and salsa
Carne Asada Taco $6 – Cilantro, guacamole, onions, salsa
Tostada de Tinga $6 – Chicken, onions, chipotle, avocado, lettuce and queso
Taco de Pescado $6 – Organic handmade corn tortilla, beer-battered fresh fish, cabbage, creamy sauce, cilantro and cepiche
Taquitos $6 – Chicken or beef, black bean paste, avocado salsa, queso fresco and lettuce
CHIPS AND MOLE (V) $7 – Queso, carnitas, mole coloradito, scallions
Chips, salsa and small guacamole $9
Torta $9 – Mayo, salsa, ham, pork chorizo, cheese, avocado and a fried egg
Queso Fundido $9 – Melted cheese, chorizo or mushrooms*, tortillas
Oysters on the grill with chapulines a la diabla $12/4
Cocktails $11
Margarita – Tequila Reposado, lime, Housemade Curacao, spicy salt. +2 seasonal +3 Cadillac
Mezcal Margarita – Mezcal, House chile liqueur, Agave, lime, sal de gusano
Chaparra de mi Amor – Mezcal Michoacano, lime, watermelon, simple syrup, salt
Al Chile! – Mezcal, ginger, lemon, pineapple, spicy bitters
Froze – Tequila reposado, rose, passion fruit, raspberry, grapefruit, lemon
Michelada $7 – House michelada mix, lime, Pacifico +5 mezcal or tequila shot
Chelada $7 – Lime, salt, ice and Pacifico +5 mezcal or tequila shot
Wine Glass $6
House Red – Blend
House White – Blend
Draft Beer $6
Por Favor IPA
Surfa Lager
Mezcal de la casa $10 – Agua del Sol Espadin
Tequila de la casa $9 – Cascahuin
Mezcal O’clock flight $21 – Ocotales, La Luna, Salvadores

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Taco Tuesday
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