Why Tacos Are The Best Food on the Planet

December 13, 2022

By: Troy Johnson 

Tacos are messy. Some of us prefer that sort of touchy connection. We are a proud, embarrassing people. We tend to go in for the hug. We want to get food on our hands because it feels crispy and squishy and just plain cool. Kids are often terrible humans, but they’re right about this. Our ancient ancestors knew this was the best way, too. They painted this hand-eating urge into the caves of our DNA.

Many food experts say we’re too far removed from how food is made. Far as most of us know, food is grown and raised on Yelp. So, a hand-held taco gets us closer to the truth.

There are fewer and fewer things we can hold with our hands in this life. No matter how much you want to, you cannot hold that inspirational quote from Facebook in your hands, press it to your heart, and sigh. You can’t wring that Pinterest dream board between your fingers until it releases all its decor secrets. Digital currency is destroying our ability to roll around on a hotel bed in our first million, and iHugs will be a thing. A taco in the hand is worth two on the Instagram. 

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