Trends In Mexican Comfort Foods

February 22, 2023
Birria is the star of Mexican comfort: Mas Amor Cantina maximizes Mexican comfort with its birria tacos, finished with onion and cilantro and served with a savory au jus. Photo credit: Blake Pope

By Flavor & The Menu

Comfort food continues to call to American diners, yet they’re looking to foodservice for more flavor, more fun, more revelation. And although comfort can be found in the arms of most global cuisines, Mexican fare offers the softest place to land for many consumers.

Of course, the world of Mexican cuisine is exquisitely complex, with chefs here digging into its many regions and flavor nuances, then adapting those discoveries onto their menus. This trend runs parallel, drawing from the same country’s rich culinary heritage, but zeroing in on homey comfort and raising it to new heights with inventive twists and flavor-forward iterations. “Mexican food continues to be one of the most interesting cuisines in the United States,” says Michael Parlapiano, strategy director with The Culinary Edge. “These approachable formats are just so well established now in the U.S. that they have become part of the American lexicon of food.”

The volume of iconic dishes that fall under the umbrella of Mexican comfort is impressive, giving operators a broad playing field for innovation in all parts of the menu, from breakfast to dessert. Three stand out in particular, making inroads onto progressive menus and showcasing big opportunity for signature takes: the quesadilla, the taquito and birria.

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