Chill Out with a Glorious Frozen Strawberry Margarita with Tequila Herradura

Welcome to a world of refreshing indulgence, where the classic margarita gets a fruity summer vibe! Today, we’re making simple magic with a Frozen Strawberry Margarita.  And the star of this show? None other than Herradura Tequila, renowned for its smooth, rich flavor that takes any cocktail from good to extraordinary.



Prep Your Glasses:

Blend the Ingredients:

Serve with Style:

Customize Your Margarita:

The Frozen Strawberry Margarita with Herradura Tequila is a vibrant color, rich in flavor, and frosty. Making it the perfect companion for any gathering or a relaxing evening at home. The fusion of Herradura’s smooth tequila with the sweetness of strawberries and the tang of lime creates a symphony of flavors that dances on your palate.

Pairing Suggestions:

This margarita pairs perfectly with

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So, grab your blender, some fresh strawberries, and a bottle of Herradura Tequila, and get ready to blend up a storm of deliciousness. Cheers to a perfect Frozen Strawberry Margarita!

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Savor the Trend: Cantaloupe Margarita with Fresh Juice and Herradura Tequila

The Rise of Cantaloupe Cocktails
In recent years, there’s been a surge in popularity for fruit-infused cocktails, with mixologists around the globe experimenting with everything from exotic dragon fruit to classic strawberries. However, it’s the humble cantaloupe that’s currently stealing the show. Its sweet, mellow flavor and vibrant color make it a perfect candidate for a refreshing summer cocktail.



The Cantaloupe Margarita is perfect as the temperatures rise. Enjoy!

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Frozen Mango Margarita

When it comes to refreshing cocktails that transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise, few drinks can rival the Frozen Mango Margarita. This delightful blend of sweet mango, zesty lime, and the smooth elegance of Herradura Ultra Tequila is the perfect way to unwind and indulge in a little luxury. Whether you’re hosting a summer soirée or need a little summer feeling in the winter, our easy Frozen Mango Margarita recipe is sure to satisfy your craving for a bit of sunshine in a glass.




Prep the Glass: Begin by rimming your margarita glasses with Tajin. Run a lime wedge around the rim of each glass, then dip glasses onto a plate filled with Tajin. Set the glasses aside.

Blend It Up: In a blender, combine the Herradura Ultra Tequila, frozen mango chunks, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. Add a handful of ice cubes to the blender.

Blend to Perfection: Blend the ingredients until smooth and creamy, ensuring there are no large chunks of ice or mango left. Taste and adjust the sweetness with more simple syrup if needed.

Pour and Garnish: Carefully pour the Frozen Mango Margarita into your prepared glasses. Garnish with a lime wedge and a slice of fresh mango for a touch of tropical flair.

Serve and Enjoy: Serve immediately and enjoy your tropical escape in a glass.

Herradura Ultra Tequila is renowned for its incredibly smooth and velvety texture. It adds a touch of luxury to your margarita, making it exceptionally delightful.

The Frozen Mango Margarita with Herradura Ultra Tequila is an exquisite fusion of tropical flavors and premium tequila. It’s an easy-to-make cocktail that brings the taste of paradise right to your glass.

USE THE STORE FINDER – Find Herradura Ultra Tequila

Perfect Taco Pairing with the Frozen Mango Margarita for your Taco Tuesday at home – Grilled Shrimp Tacos

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Pink Rose Margarita: The Ultimate Valentines Cocktail Recipe

Hey there, Taco Tuesday enthusiasts! Ready to add some sparkle to your Valentine’s fiesta with our Pink Rose Margarita. This pretty little pink drink has the elegance of Drillaud Rose Liqueur with the smoothness of Herradura Ultra tequila and the playful shimmer of edible pink glitter.

Our Pink Rose Margarita is the perfect way to cocktail on Valentine’s. The luxurious blend of flavors and the dazzling touch of edible pink glitter make this drink a showstopper. It’s fun, fabulous, and oh-so-instagrammable!



Cheers to a night of romance and sparkly drinks.

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Sip on the Dark Side: Unleash the Flavor with a Blackberry Margarita, Herradura Tequila, and Black Lava Salt

Craving a cocktail that’s as daring and dramatic as it is delicious? Look no further than our enticing Blackberry Margarita, concocted with the premium Herradura Tequila and crowned with an alluring black lava salt rim. It’s not just a drink; it’s an experience that tantalizes your taste buds and captures the spirit of every Taco Tuesday celebration.

When it comes to crafting the ultimate margarita, the choice of tequila is paramount. Herradura Tequila, renowned for its traditional production methods and robust agave flavor, provides the ideal base for our Blackberry Margarita. Distilled in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region, Herradura boasts a legacy of excellence, promising quality, authenticity, and a silky finish that complements the fruity zest of blackberries.

The Bold Twist: Blackberry Bliss

Blackberries, with their deep, sweet-tart flavor profile, transform a classic margarita into an innovative masterpiece. These juicy gems are packed with antioxidants and add not only a healthful twist but also a rich, vibrant hue to your cocktail, ensuring it’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.

A Dramatic Finish with Black Lava Salt

What sets this margarita recipe apart is the striking finale: the black lava salt rim. Originating from the volcanic regions of Hawaii, black lava salt is infused with activated charcoal, contributing to its stunning color and smoky, earthy notes. It’s not only a conversation starter but also a flavor enhancer, adding complexity and a gourmet touch to every sip.




Our Blackberry Margarita with Herradura Tequila and a black lava salt rim isn’t just a cocktail; it’s the highlight of your Taco Tuesday. Whether you’re hosting a festive feast, a casual get-together, or simply indulging in a solitary treat, this margarita is sure to stir up excitement and pleasure in every sip. So, why wait? Shake up your week with this bold, brackish, and berry-licious delight! Cheers!

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Unearth the Halloween Spirit with a Herradura Tequila Bloody Maria

Halloween, a night where the veil between worlds is thin, demands a cocktail that’s both hauntingly delicious and eerily aesthetic. Enter the Bloody Maria—a sultry, spicy twist on the classic Bloody Mary—transformed into the ultimate Halloween beverage with the addition of luxurious Herradura Tequila. When served in a chilling skull mug and garnished extravagantly, this drink promises to be the showstopper of your spooky soirée.

The Lure of the Bloody Maria – While the traditional Bloody Mary has long reigned supreme in the world of brunches and hangover cures, the Bloody Maria swaps out vodka for tequila, bringing a warmth and complexity that’s unbeatable. Herradura Tequila, with its rich heritage and smooth finish, is the ideal choice for this macabre masterpiece.


For the Garnish:


Mixing the Potion:

The Final Touch:

As the nights grow longer and a ghostly chill fills the air, arm yourself with a drink that’ll both thrill and satisfy. The Bloody Maria, boasting Herradura Tequila and served in an ominous skull mug, is the answer to all Halloween cocktail dreams. Its rich flavors combined with a haunting presentation guarantee it will be the talking point of any gathering. So, this Halloween, let the Bloody Maria cast its spell and bewitch your guests!

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The Ultra Refreshing Cucumber Herradura Margarita

Steer clear of the mundane and dive into a world where cucumbers are the cool kids and Herradura Ultra tequila is their fun-loving sidekick. Get ready for a sip that’s fun, fresh, and undeniably juicy.

A Brief Ode to Herradura Ultra:

Before we immerse ourselves in the recipe, let’s tip our hats to Herradura Ultra. This crystal-clear añejo tequila boasts a refined, complex taste profile thanks to its extended aging process. And guess what? Its rich, smooth notes are about to make your cucumber margarita the talk of the town (or at least your backyard party).



Prep the Star:

And voila! In your hand, you hold a beverage that’s fun, fabulous, and undeniably refreshing. The Herradura Ultra tequila’s smooth profile dances seamlessly with the fresh, cool vibes of cucumber. Sip, savor, and let every drop transport you to a beachy paradise—even if you’re just on your patio.

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The Timeless Classic: America’s Beloved Margarita on the Rocks

When it comes to concocting the perfect cocktail, America has spoken it’s the classic margarita on the rocks with a touch of sea salt that steals the show. There’s something enchanting about this cocktail’s simplicity that resonates with the nation. Perhaps it’s the crispness of blanco tequila, the tang of fresh lime, or that crunchy sea salt that clings to the rim, or maybe all the above. What we do know is we love it!

Today, let’s raise our glasses high and toast to this iconic drink, all while we unravel its allure and give you the ultimate recipe featuring the luxurious Herradura Tequila.

The Magic of Margarita

The margarita, with its unclear origins, mysterious birthplaces, and countless recipe variations, remains an enigma. While many claim to have invented this tantalizing cocktail, from socialites to bartenders, its true origin remains debated. What’s undisputed, however, is its widespread popularity and its continued status as America’s go-to cocktail.

At the heart of every great margarita is an exceptional tequila, and for our recipe, we’ve chosen none other than Herradura Blanco Tequila. Crafted since 1870 in Amatitán, Jalisco, Herradura’s process respects tradition while embracing innovation. The result? A premium spirit that stands the test of time, much like our favorite cocktail.

Classic Margarita on the Rocks with Herradura Tequila



In a world of countless cocktails, fads, and trends, the classic margarita stands unshaken. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the perfect balance of its ingredients.

For more information about the History of Herradura Tequila Visit The Spirits Educator

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