June 28, 2023
Plate of Tacos

TacoTuesday.com is taking a stand in support of the thousands of restaurants that celebrate Taco Tuesday and the millions of fans that enjoy it every week. Taco Tuesday was enjoyed by taco lovers’ decades before it was trademarked.

“This is not about asking the trademark holder to stop celebrating Taco Tuesday, we’re asking them to use common sense and recognize that since their trademark was granted, the term has grown well beyond them. Millions of people celebrate Taco Tuesday across the country, in restaurants and at home, and have the right to do so,” explains Pamela Waitt, Founder of TacoTuesday.com. “Having ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademarked today can be likened to someone owning ‘Happy Hour’ or ‘Sunday Brunch.’ We are here to amplify the voices of our restaurant industry friends across the country who celebrate Taco Tuesday, and all the taco loving fans who visit them on Tuesday, or any day of the week – we are in this together.”


TacoTuesday.com reveals the significant impact that Taco Tuesday has on the restaurant industry, which relies on the day as a beloved tradition across the nation with the power to increase business significantly. Beyond being a catchy phrase, “Taco Tuesday” has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, as can be seen by the following statistics:

  • Taco Tuesday increases restaurant revenue by an average of 22% – 36%, which helps to keep the local economy and payroll thriving
  • The earliest documented advertisement for a Taco Tuesday special was in the classified section of the October 16, 1933, edition of the El Paso Herald-Post, decades before a trademark was filed [Source: Gustavo Arellano, Thrillist]
  • 58% of Americans are aware of Taco Tuesday, 42% have celebrated it, and 13% of Americans celebrate it every week, which equates well over 30 million people who enjoy Taco Tuesday weekly
  • There are nearly 100,000 restaurants in the United States that celebrate Taco Tuesday

“The love for Taco Tuesdays is strong – I personally have been enjoying Taco Tuesday since middle school and that was before 1989. Taco Tuesday has simply existed long before the trademark. I am at a loss for understanding why anyone would want to stop diners and restaurants from this fun weekly celebration when it accomplishes so much good. Nearly 100,000 restaurants already celebrate Taco Tuesday and Taco Johns has not suffered from it. They could be the good guys and support their fellow restaurateurs.” continues Waitt, who is advocating for the opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate Taco Tuesday. “Our hope is that the nation’s collective love for tacos will bring us together, not limit or divide us.”

About TacoTuesday.com – TacoTuesday.com represents a world of food, celebration, happiness, and fun. The website is fueled by the belief that restaurants bring joy and celebrate everything good for the soul – and that every Tuesday is an opportunity to eat better, be better and live better. TacoTuesday.com is a community website that unites the country through their love of Tacos – on Tuesday, and beyond. TacoTuesday.com will always be free and accessible to restaurants and community members.

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