Taco Tuesday Made Easy: Quick Hacks Using Rotisserie Chicken and Grocery Store Ingredients

July 28, 2023
rotisserie chicken tacos

Every taco enthusiast knows the joy that comes with Taco Tuesday. However, amid our busy lives, making tacos from scratch may seem daunting with our limited schedules. Here is a solution: quick and easy Taco Tuesday hacks using readily available grocery store ingredients, including the versatile rotisserie chicken.

Shredded Rotisserie Chicken

The rotisserie chicken is a ready-cooked savior for time-pressed home cooks. Packed with flavor and deliciously tender, the meat from these birds can be quickly shredded and used as a hearty filling for your tacos. Simply pull the meat apart using a couple of forks, and voila, your protein is ready in minutes!

Swift and Simple Guacamole

Making guacamole doesn’t need to be time-consuming. For a swift version, purchase a ripe avocado, mash it with a fork, and season it with lime juice, salt, and pepper. If time allows, elevate your guacamole by adding some chopped red onion, cilantro, and diced tomatoes.

Convenient Salsa and Sour Cream

Instead, consider using your favorite store-bought salsa – a great time saver without compromising on flavor. Sour cream is another ready-to-go topping, but to give it a twist, try adding a squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt to make a quick lime crema.

Pre-Shredded Cheese

Add a cheesy element to your tacos without the fuss of grating. Most grocery stores offer pre-shredded cheese, with blends like Mexican, cheddar, or Monterey Jack. Simply sprinkle on top of your taco fillings for a burst of flavor.

Fresh Cilantro

Never underestimate the power of fresh herbs. Cilantro can offer a refreshing note to balance out your rich and spicy fillings. A quick chop of the leaves is all you need to sprinkle over your assembled tacos.

Bagged Slaw for Added Crunch

For a quick and easy crunch, incorporate a bag of coleslaw mix (cabbage and carrot) from the produce section. Use it as is, or for a unique twist, toss it with a bit of lime juice and honey to create a speedy slaw.

Warm Your Tortillas

Last but not least, warm your tortillas. This can be done over a gas stove flame, in a dry skillet, or even in the microwave. Warming them not only makes them more pliable but also intensifies their flavor.

These quick hacks can make your Taco Tuesday or any time tacos easy and hassle-free. Plus it doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. The convenience of using rotisserie chicken and store-bought ingredients speeds up the process significantly, making a quick Taco Tuesday at home a delicious reality. Happy Taco Tuesday!

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