Taco Bell goes all in with the new Cantina Chicken Menu

March 21, 2024
Taco Bell Cantina Items

Taco Bell, the brand synonymous with late night, is tackling misconceptions that cheesy, crunchy, spicy cravings can only be satisfied late-night. Introducing the all-new, elevated Cantina Chicken Menu; including five new menu items: The Cantina Chicken Soft Taco, Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco, Cantina Chicken Burrito, Cantina Chicken Quesadilla, and Cantina Chicken Bowl.

The Cantina Chicken Menu, available March 21st, delivers premium ingredients that will exceed fan expectations looking for more offerings during the day. The menu debuts a new flavorful chicken that’s been slow-roasted with a savory seasoning of Mexican spices including garlic, onions and a variety of chilies. Additional premium ingredients highlighted on the menu include shredded purple cabbage, white corn tortilla shell freshly fried daily, and pico de gallo freshly prepared daily.

The all-new Avocado Verde Salsa, which features tomatillos, green chili peppers and real avocado pulp and was developed to complement Cantina Chicken menu items. One packet of Avocado Verde Salsa comes with every order off the Cantina Chicken Menu. Through the introduction of the Cantina Chicken Menu, Taco Bell is projected to use more than 2.5 million additional pounds of produce in 2024.

“This Cantina Chicken menu has been a labor of love and we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we landed on the best slow-roasted chicken recipe and selected the finest supporting ingredients to maximize craveability,” said Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. “As we constantly listen to our audiences, we know that a winning equation is giving them what we know they want plus something next-level. We knew our fans wanted more chicken, and we also knew that we could elevate chicken with unexpected ingredients like purple cabbage and Avocado Verde Salsa.”

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