Peach Margaritas

February 22, 2023


There are a bunch of ways to infuse a drink with fruit like steeping some actual fruit in the alcohol itself or making a syrup out of berries or fruit juice. In this case we have packed peachy goodness into this margarita with two ingredients: peach schnapps and peach puree.

• 1 small peach, peel and roughly chopped
• Tajin, for rimming
• 2 oz. tequila
• ½ oz. peach schnapps
• 1 oz. lime juice
• Lime wheels or peach slices, for garnish

• Add chopped peach into a food processor or blender. Blend completely until liquid.
• Rub the outer rim of a rocks glass with a lime and rim with Tajin.
• In a cocktail shaker combine tequila, peach schnapps, lime juice and 1 oz of peach puree.
• Add ice and shake vigorously until the shaker is frosty.
• Strain into rocks glass and top with ice.
• Garnish with a peach slice or lime wedge.

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