Move Over Ketchup Popsicle, The Tacosicle Is Here

December 13, 2022

Canada broke the internet with their Ketchup Popsicle dubbed the Frenchsicle and that got the team at thinking and googling. According to dozens of marketing firms, two out of every three Americans prefer salsa to ketchup. Factor in that tacos are everyone’s favorite food on planet earth and the team decided a Tacosicle was needed!  Although these beauties are not sold in stores, you’ll find they are easy to make. Granted not many (if any) will want to eat these but taco fans can find the tacos they’ll want to eat at

The Tacosicle featured here is a vibrant combination of taco toppings, including cheese, cilantro, serrano peppers, Tapatio, tomatoes, shredded meat, and tortillas.  

“Tacos and Taco Tuesday are fun,” said Pamela Waitt, founder of “We tend to have a spicy personality so the Tacosicle just makes sense to us. Try it for yourself and decide which trend is better, the Frenchsicle or the #Tacosicle!” is on a mission to find the best of the best while living the best taco lifestyle possible. The taco obsessed can share their Tacosicle moments using the hashtag #tacosicle and the best video on TikTok & IG will win 2 tickets to a summertime Secret Taco Tuesday dinner society party at exclusive locations, with incredible chefs, tacos, and tequila.

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