How Velvet Taco keeps up with its Weekly Taco Feature

April 12, 2024
Velvet Tacos WTF Taco

Velvet Taco is very much attempting to redefine the standard definition of a taco and is doing so by offering unique creations such as the Kobe bacon burger taco, beer battered cauliflower taco, and the chicken and waffle taco.

There’s also the company’s signature Weekly Taco Feature, or WTF, which has included everything from chimichurri veggie to French dip tacos to its annual Pride taco to the 420 Blazin’. During a recent tour of a Dallas Velvet Taco location, the team served up a lasagna taco, with a parmesan crusted tortilla, meat sauce made in-house, and ricotta balls on top, as well as a potsticker taco, with seasoned pork, scallions, sweet chile sauce, sriracha aioli, and kimchee slaw.

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