Descanso-An OC Mexican Dining Experience

December 13, 2022

By Jessica Wilburn

You know the saying “Taco Tuesday”?  It is part of our weekly lives as a Southern California community.  We are blessed with many options to choose from: the fast-food version, the make it at home yourself version, the taco truck version, the happy hour version, and so on.  Now I can’t say “Taco Tuesday” without thinking of the BEST taco Tuesday experience my family has ever had!  I am NOT exaggerating!  It was a night to be remembered and to be repeated monthly.

I have heard of Descanso restaurant several times over the years.  I didn’t know much about this restaurant and because the restaurant is in Costa Mesa, I didn’t give it much thought. I was then given the opportunity to experience their TAQUERO Tuesday in the Plancha room which is an immersive experience as you watch your food being prepared right in front of you.  The place was packed which is a good sign to me as that shows a great repeat business and people were happy all around us.

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