Can tacos help solve global challenges?

December 13, 2022

By Emily Heil

Not all heroes wear capes. Some, according to an eclectic group of writers, activists, academics, and others, are instead draped in tortillas.

To this group, a taco isn’t just a taco: The humble dish can be a conduit for conversations about communities and inequities, an ambassador for Mexican cuisine, a political tool, and a force for good across the globe.

Meet the International Taco Council, a nascent organization whose small mascot belies its big ambitions.

“We’ve always used food as a means of connecting with others,” says Serena Maria Daniels, the Detroit-based editor and founder of Tostada Magazine, an online publication focused on the voices of immigrants and people of color, who is the council’s inaugural president. “You might have a contentious topic, but when you sit down over a plate, it takes away the distance.”

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