Bloody Margarita with Black Lava Salt Rim

December 9, 2022

By LinsFood

Bloody Margarita is the perfect Halloween cocktail, it’s dark red and is drunk with black lava salt, giving your margarita an earthy, salty, and tangy flavor.


  • 2 fl oz tequila
  • 1 fl oz aperol
  • 1 fl oz blackberry syrup (recipe below)
  • 1 fl oz lime juice (keep the lime to prep the glass)
  • some black lava salt in a saucer or regular, colored black

Blackberry Syrup

  • 10.5 oz blackberries
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice


  1. Blackberry Syrup (needs to be made earlier and chilled)
  2. Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a gentle boil.
  3. Lower the heat right down and simmer for 15 minutes, by which time the fruit will be soft and falling apart. Squash the fruit with the back of a spoon or a fork to release more juice.
  4. Strain into a jug/bowl with a strainer double lined with muslin/cheese cloth. Or strain in twice with a fine sieve. Basically, we want a clear syrup with no bits.
  5. Place in the fridge to chill.
  6. Let’s make the Bloody Margarita
  7. Run a lime slice all around the rim of a glass.
  8. Dip the glass rim into the black lava salt, coating well.
  9. Place everything into a shaker and shake to mix and chill. Start with 1/2-part blackberry syrup.
  10. Taste and add more syrup if you like it sweeter. I do.
  11. Pour into the glass, minus the ice cubes, and start sipping!
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