Aliens and Tacos

October 27, 2023
AL the Alien

From Andromeda with Love: Unveils Your Ultimate Taco Tuesday Buddy

Meet Alien: the not-so-typical resident of Earth, brought to you by Although his name is spelled Alien, the “i” is silent, hence, Alen. For those who’ve already shared a taco (or ten) with him, he’s simply “AL”. 

Years ago, Alen embarked on a covert mission to Earth, aiming to gather cosmic intel from our little blue dot. Of all Earth’s wonders, what truly hooked this otherworldly explorer are our beloved tacos! Upon abducting a few for “research”, he was convinced that tacos are not just Earth’s, but the Universe’s, unparalleled delicacy.  Now he’s obsessed!

Alien drinking margs on the beach

Standing tall (or, by his standards, gigantic) at 8 inches, Alien hails from a corner of the Andromeda galaxy. Here on Earth, you might recognize him as a gray alien. But don’t be fooled! His unique Earthly tan gives him a distinct green hue. When not indulging in taco feasts, you might spot him munching on burgers, off-brand cereals, succulent watermelon, tamales, or diving fork-first into a pie. His expanding circle of Earthling pals frequently document their global taco escapades, and these antics are taking social media by storm! Besides his insatiable appetite, the crew vouches for AL’s impeccable listening skills, heartwarming embraces, and a peculiar fondness for the clang of cowbells.

AL reminiscing under a tree

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