10 places to get tacos in Vegas

April 13, 2023
Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known for its vibrant nightlife and world-renowned casinos, but it’s also home to some of the best tacos in the country. From traditional street tacos to unique fusion creations, there’s something for every taco lover in Sin City. Here are the top 10 places to get tacos in Las Vegas:

  1. Tacos El Gordo: Tacos El Gordo is a must-visit spot for any taco lover in Las Vegas. With multiple locations throughout the city, this Mexican-style taqueria serves up some of the most authentic tacos around. Be sure to try the popular adobada tacos, filled with marinated pork cooked on a spit.
  2. La Comida: Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, La Comida serves up some of the best Mexican food in the city. Their tacos are no exception, with options like grilled fish and shrimp, barbacoa, and even vegan cauliflower tacos.
  3. Leticia’s Mexican Cocina: This popular Mexican restaurant offers a wide variety of tacos, including carne asada, chicken tinga, and even lobster tacos. With two locations in Las Vegas, Leticia’s is a great spot to grab a delicious and filling meal.
  4. Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos: Frijoles & Frescas is a casual taco spot that serves up fresh, grilled tacos made with high-quality ingredients. Their menu features unique options like a shrimp and bacon taco and a vegan jackfruit taco.
  5. Pinches Tacos: Pinches Tacos is a colorful and lively restaurant located in the iconic Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas. Their tacos are made with fresh ingredients and feature bold flavors like the Al Pastor taco with grilled pineapple.
  6. Tacos & Beer: As the name suggests, Tacos & Beer is a great spot to grab a cold beer and some delicious tacos. Their menu features a variety of taco options, including chorizo, carne asada, and grilled octopus.
  7. Tacotarian: If you’re looking for vegan tacos, look no further than Tacotarian. This vegan taco spot has a variety of options, including jackfruit tacos and vegan al pastor. With two locations in Las Vegas, Tacotarian is a great spot for plant-based eaters.
  8. Casa Don Juan: Casa Don Juan is a family-owned restaurant that serves up traditional Mexican cuisine, including some of the best tacos in Las Vegas. Their menu features options like carne asada, al pastor, and even lengua (beef tongue) tacos.
  9. Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina: While Juan’s is known for their sizzling fajitas, their tacos are equally delicious. Their menu features classic options like beef and chicken tacos, as well as unique creations like a shrimp and crab taco.
  10. Hussong’s Cantina: Hussong’s Cantina is a lively Mexican restaurant located in Mandalay Bay. Their menu features a variety of tacos, including carne asada, grilled fish, and even a crispy chicken taco with chipotle sauce.

Whether you’re in the mood for traditional street tacos or unique fusion creations, Las Vegas has something for everyone. Be sure to add these top 10 taco spots to your must-visit list the next time you’re in Sin City.

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