Top Spots for Tacos and Licor 43 Cocktails in SoCal

  1. Salazar, Los Angeles: Nestled in Frogtown, Salazar offers mesquite-grilled goodness in the form of tacos that you can pair with their ingenious Licor 43 cocktails their Carne Asada taco with the ‘Golden Horizon,’ a cocktail featuring Licor 43, lime, orgeat, and egg white.
  2. Puesto, Irvine: A family-owned establishment offering handmade maíz azul stone-ground tortillas filled with mouth-watering ingredients. Complement your taco feast with their Licor 43 laced ‘Perfect Margarita’ for a sublime dining experience.
  3. Trejo’s Tacos, Los Angeles: Actor Danny Trejo’s restaurant serves up some killer tacos. Don’t miss their Carnitas taco paired with the ‘Spanish Fly’—a mix of Licor 43, coffee liqueur, and cream.
  4. La Puerta, San Diego: Known for their vast selection of tequila, La Puerta also delivers on the taco front. Try their ‘Pescado Tacos’ and a ’43 Sour’—Licor 43, lemon juice, and simple syrup for a sweet-sour kick.
  5. Taco María, Costa Mesa: This Michelin-starred eatery is a must-visit. Pair their Jardineros taco with the ‘Sol Rising’ cocktail, a balanced blend of Licor 43, mezcal, and citrus.
  6. Petty Cash Taqueria, Los Angeles: An upscale yet casual spot, their Octopus tacos are legendary. Pair them with the ’43 Pina Colada’, a delightful mix of Licor 43, rum, and pineapple juice.
  7. Lola Gaspar, Santa Ana: This cozy spot in the heart of Santa Ana’s Artist Village offers a fusion of Latin and European flavors. Their Al Pastor taco goes perfectly with their ‘Spanish Coffee’ cocktail, featuring Licor 43, coffee, whipped cream, and a touch of nutmeg.
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